Look What Oshi Got Us for Christmas!!

Since we are all well past the days when Santa pays a visit, and some of us have even reached the stage where receiving a nice pair of wool socks is considered a decent Yuletide haul, it is understandable for expectations regarding Christmas gifts to be markedly low.

Luckily, our idol oshi never forget about us and have delivered in a big way this Christmas. Let’s see all of the presents they left under the tree!!

THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO gifted us with a new holiday single with the B-side of their classic Christmas tune, “Chandelier.”


Yurapico presented us with a brand new English language single.


Minna no Kodomochan didn’t let a little thing like disbandment keep them from delivering what is sure to become a Christmas classic.

situasion wrapped up a whole EP in a nice dark bow and delivered it special just in time for the holiday.


If that doesn’t keep Santa away for good, ASP delivered this dark and delirious gift (along with word that they will be playing the Budokan this October!!)

Shimmer Shrimpmer made us this sweet shoegaze arrangement of “Last Christmas” that we didn’t know we needed.

KILLERMACHINE dropped a chill step groove to help get into the X-MAS spirit.

Tokyo Mosso Map made us a Christmas movie about Tokyo, the city of dreams.

Last, but certainly not least, Isiliel got you a present. She is also releasing her newest digital single, “Lilith,” tomorrow for Boxing Day.


Idols are truly the gift that keep on giving!!

Merry Christmas!!