Look at This Ridiculous JAM EXPO Lineup

Did you miss the Tokyo Idol Festival? Probably! We did get to enjoy some of the great performances from it, and kind of still do despite ongoing efforts to scrub fan video from the Internet, but look at this lineup and tell me that JAMxNatalie EXPO won’t be at least as good.

Including idols of our interests:

  • Babyraids Japan
  • Bellring Girls Heart
  • Billie Idle
  • BiSH
  • Devil ANTHEM
  • Fruitpochette
  • Hauptharmonie
  • Himekyun Fruit Can
  • JyuJyu (and would you look at that art?)
  • nanoRider
  • Osaka Shunkashuto
  • Party Rockets GT
  • PassCode
  • petit pas!
  • The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby
  • Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen
  • You’ll Melt More!

Plus additional alt-idols Maison Book Girl and sora tob sakana, both of whom I’m either going to start including out of a general community service OR finally get off my ass and develop that sister site I keep talking about.

September 24 and 25. Be there, or wait for people to share video content for free!

11 thoughts on “Look at This Ridiculous JAM EXPO Lineup

  1. I would put Batten Shoujotai as a group people who visit this webpage could be interested in. They are not very “alt” but i think their music could fit in here without a great amount if wiggling and their live shows look fun and energetic.

  2. Where is Kamen Joshi? Or since they have their own theater and perform everyday they have no need for this now.

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