Look at BiS out Here Saving the Best for Last

It’s December, gang, and in fact we’re inside of two weeks til Christmas and three til the new year, and the Homicidols Best of 2019 has drawn to a close, the year is basically done let’s all just pack it in and enjoy all the photos of idols in their Santa outfits and — oh, right, BiS3 has a record on the way, and they’d like to remind us of that fact and get us excited about it by giving it away for free in little pieces. This is from yesterday:

Got ’em? Good. Let’s play them together!

Look you guys, I think we’ve all developed a healthy sense of skepticism, even cynicism, toward the whole WACK project over the years, and BiS specifically, so much so that even Jun’s fun little UK walkabout can’t shield us from the feeling that this is — was and will be, too — really all for show, and that show is for money, and that any and all trappings related to the origins of the project with OG BiS are about market exploitation moreso than anything else, and you know, there’s liberation in realizing that but it’s also kind of sad. And yet — AND YET — the reason we keep coming back is because the ride’s a good one, and the music, Kentacore aside, has some really great moments.

And that’s where we’re landing with this BiS.

I think I’ve called multiple releases and teasers and previews of theirs, since BiS3 arrived, the best thing they’ve done in a while, and you’d think that there’d be an end to that streak, but no: “LOVELY LOVELY” doesn’t excite me much, seeing as how it’s a KiLLER BiSH-era clone of, well, a BiSH song, and it’s still just good; on the other hand, “TRAP” (also in its own way a BiSH clone of the same era) is this perfect harsh beauty that I wish I could wrap in gold leaf and feed to myself in a display of excess and extravagance that will rightfully lead to my very public execution once the revolution comes, which I will accept without complaint because damn that’s tasty but also if they play the kinds of BiS soundtrack that largely ignores BiS 2: Electric Puualoo, I’d be okay with that.

This post got weird. It is now over.