Local Fan Service! I’m Going to This Event, and You Should, Too

Good morning to all you lovely people, especially you lovely people who live in what one might call the Greater Mid-Atlantic (that is, you’d be all about a trip to Baltimore).

I’ve been privy to this event for a little while because I follow OTS Productions on Twitter ever since the Hijokaidan/Avandoned/etc. visit to Baltimore not quite a year ago, but I started to make friends with the organizers and figured:

  • I’d throw them a solid
  • I’ll be at this thing, so the more, the merrier
  • It’s probably going to be cool!

It’s the Baltimore Japan Art Festival!

Through film, music, food, performance and visual art, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a blend of traditional and contemporary Japanese ideas, concepts and works.​ The event aims to create a sustainable platform for Japanese artists to perform and collaborate with Baltimore locals, while showcasing aspects of Japanese culture that are not easily available to the public.

You can join the Facebook event, and buy tickets here. I even put it on the calendar! There’s a program available . Be there or be rectangular!