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Yukueshirezutsurezure, may all of the gods bless you. You knew that we needed some satisfaction after finally announcing your long-delayed fourth single, and that we might like to hear the as-yet-unrevealed fourth member, so you only made us wait until the most inconvenient time of the week for people west of the Urals. Good thing for me, possibly you and definitely posterity that I managed to pay attention with two minutes to spare in the ol’ traditional two-hour window:

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産まれ落ちて 震えて 白夜歩き出す
too late , 隠すは 凶悪な牙で
後悔に後悔を重ねてる 夜はいつか明けるのに俯く

赦しを乞うわ世界 じゃなく鏡の中
泣き叫ぶのは願い 降る夢のごとく

砕け散って はじめて 大切な何か
too late , 気付くの「もう失いたくない」
光が消えて 手にした孤独

キリがない程眩暈 朽ちる寸前に
理解する深い出会い 忘れられなくて
I was trapped in deep darkness,
forgetting important things. But I will never forget it.

生きる意義 忘れかけ 弱いこと 隠していく
泣けない自分疑い 苦しみも麻痺してて。

許せないもの世界 じゃない自分自身
紛れないこの気持ち 手繰る微かな希望
生きていく意味 忘れない 二度と君を悲しませはしない。

赦しを乞うわ世界 じゃなく君に向け
泣き叫ぶのは願い いつか届くまで
生きていく意味 忘れない 生きていくこと 忘れない
叫ぶよ また届くまで 声にならなくていいよ?


That’s some dang good idol. Definitely looking forward to this. Also? Who’s the fourth member? I can already eliminate the formerly transmogrified former Co3 (/kicks can). New person, show yourself!

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  1. Basically I’ve been considering Yukuezure as a more convenient and less wild version of Zenkimi, that is, not as interesting. They both have basically the same songwriters, right? I wonder how long will they be able to keep it that way without starting to repeat the same mannerisms too obviously. A sound tune, nevertheless, really like the mellow and moody atmosphere.

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