Let’s Welcome Maison Book Girl to the Party Just in Time for the Election

In a year that’s seen just about everything, Maison Book Girl, who’d managed to avoid getting posted here from a combination of fit, priority and my own maniacal strategic vision, is now an official includee on Homicidols.com. I guess they became aware of their status on two of the ballot lines that we’ll start today and wanted to subliminally* boost their odds.

I actually really like this song, you guys.

Kind of a fitting title, then

Oh, and the video’s different for them, too, which is nice. So bleak and post-industrial! I just wish they’d fix that … what instrument is that supposed to be, anyway? Pingly bucket? Two-string guitar? Xylosynth? Whatever it is. I don’t care for its tone. Never did.

Yeah, Maison Book Girl is/was supposed to be one of the headliners on Sister Site, but my self-imposed deadline to get that off the ground is practically minutes away at this point. I believe that this opportunity will evaporate.

*That’s not how subliminal message works.
**Also, PSA, today is like the 100 percent worst work day of the year for your Maniac, so everything that you see has either been pre-programmed and/or done way before the ass crack of dawn.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Welcome Maison Book Girl to the Party Just in Time for the Election

  1. Have you spelled out exactly what the focus of this mythical sister site would be? Alt-but-not-hard idols? Or traditional idols?
    Say what you will about Alice Project fans, wait ’til you see the kind of folks who comment on stories about AKB48 😛 he he heeeehhhh

    • Yeah, the idea was that I wanted to make a site that catered more to the hipster set who tend to be trendmakers, so the alt-y-er idols and work in some other interesting projects (Tenten, Charisma.com, KPP). I’ve been fitfully having some discussions with other interested parties, but people have commitments and stuff and it’s been slow going — it would have to be a collaboration, after all, or we’d all want to cry ourselves to sleep more than usual.

  2. It’s better then the a-side which I thought was a bit nothingy. Surprised to see you can buy the single on Google Play etc and they have now turned up on Spotify, so my hopes of Maison Book Girl hitting big worldwide through coffee shops, art galleries gift shops and trendy Guardian reader parties grows ever stronger.

  3. MBG have been one of my favorites for while. They have become fairly common background music in my office since I can’t just blast the harder stuff and still be mistaken for a professional.

    Also, all their stuff is available on iTunes, so everyone needs to buy it. I always hope that if Japanese artists start making money on iTunes, more will make their music available there.

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