Let’s Talk about a Fun Debut: Zsasz Is Here and Also a Palindrome

I think our brains could use the little bit of relief, don’t you? Like, you watch all of these graduations and suspensions of activities and whatnot and think, man, idol must be in a terrible tailspin, if only there were something that could add some new life before chika becomes a literal graveyard.

Then let me present Zsasz (Twitter)!


From vocaloid producer extraordinaire Utsu-P comes this fun and pretty much completely new group that Krv actually first warned me about a little while back, when they were still going by Kanban Girls and hadn’t so much as flirted with actually recording anything. As Krv described Utsu-P’s rationale:

“I was trying to make pop songs but couldn’t fit them into my vocaloid or band endeavours. I was thinking of making a new band but I didn’t have the time then I thought, if it’s idols they can do stuff without me needing to be there!”

And if there’s a better reason to make an idol group, I’d like to hear it. The attributes-being-sought had a nice tongue-in-cheek approach, too, probably my favorite being, “People with confidence that some unrelated person would call them cute”.

For now, the media situation is pretty light for ol’ Zsasz, so here’s a photo from the debut:

The members (with a little oops):

And let’s hope that they do more stuff soon, because they’re so far leading my personal Debut of the Year race on the strength of just the one song and this clip!

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