Let’s Meet FaM

Yes, friends, I can apparently keep up with new idols, as was my new year’s resolution on repeat. Such a promise was made in the hopes that 2020 will bring the same kind of greatness that 2018 did, and we’ll all forget that 2019 even happened. Fingers crossed, we’ll at worst feel good about it.

Which brings me to Lesson Number Umpteen on why you should make friends with people in idol! My pal with the old connection to Candye Syrup tipped me off a few days ago that there was a new group debuting soon, with an obvious connection to said defunct group, and then followed up this morning with the first best debut so far this year.

Meet FaM (Twitter), which yes relates to “family.” This was a relief, because upon seeing that I worried that it didn’t have any particular meaning, not even as a clever way of capitalizing a common shorthand greeting/pronoun kind of thing among the youngs in my country. What do they sound like?

I like it! It’s like putting a little bit more pop in pop punk, like in a friendly way.

This group is a good reminder that idol is a community, and that one project’s demise is another’s gain. Producer-san here? From Sola Sound. Members? See if you can pick them out! (But that my Candye friend shared the info should tell you something.)

Anyway, this is all lovely, and I’m glad that I can still make good on my promise to the up-and-comers, and heck this is even a debut from this year. They formally debut on Sunday. I’m excited for them!