Let’s Look in on Under Beasty

It’s been a little while since we last got to visit with self-produced rock-and-metal idols Under Beasty. And that’s kind of funny, because they’re on the list of idols you could mention to a Western fan and get a “oh, yeah, I think they’re neat!”* kind of reaction.

As luck would have it, they’re just a week away from releasing their third single, and this one on Pony Canyon’s indie arm — that is, they’re still doing this stuff on their own, but they got real-deal distribution. Could a move to a serious label be on the horizon?

Here’s a clip from tonight’s show:

[Updating to add] And here covering DISDOL!

Now, Under Beasty has been a five-member unit for a while, and you’ll notice that there are only four members on stage there. The reason is a good and sad one: Yume Akane is leaving/has left the group. But there’s lots of love there.

FWIW, this was set up to imply that a different person than the one who is singing was the one singing, and ergo the one leaving. I was an incorrect Maniac.

Just another success-story-in-progress for idols willing to do things their way. No big deal.

*That exact phrase has never been uttered in the history of idol.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Look in on Under Beasty

  1. I’ve been a fan of Underbeasty for a while and I’m really glad they’re releasing a new single. They’ve posted How Many Kiss a while ago on their youtube channel as well and I loved it. I’m a bit annoyed by those 3 CDs-format with only 3 tracks and one different but, well, that’s another story. (Also, ugly covers. I wanted it to be with the girls on it like their two previous singles…)

    Anyway, are you sure about Yume leaving? Not Akane? I was in Japan last month and got to see them, and Yume sure was still here; unlike Akane. I’d be sad to see her leaving! She might she just starting her solo career in parallel? Like Rikopin &DEEP GIRL.

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