Let’s Just Call It the Boss Single

In case it hasn’t been obvious, I’ve become a little bit of a BiSH skeptic over the past year or so — even my original support for the last single waned in retrospect. It grieves me, actually; my all-time idol top 10, regardless of whether it’s song-album-video-person-whatever, has BiSH all over it, and I remain an ardent supporter of the idea of BiSH and the incredible barrier-breaking potential that I think they have. This is why, even almost two years into a long run of mostly being disappointed by them, I get the giddies when they spin off new stuff, especially new stuff that appeals directly to my own biases!

That’s a split solo single for Aina — nothing new there — and the Captain herself.

How long have we been expecting that Aina would branch out and away from the group that made her big? At least since the TeddyLoid thing, and certainly after MONDO GROSSO and that acoustic project with Kenta. It might be more surprising that she’s still in the group at this point! Contracts, I’m sure, play a role. But hey, it’s a song that she’s personally written, so those chops keep getting flexed.

This actually isn’t even the first solo foray for Chitti in her time with BiSH, though it is her first time doing it for a serious release, IIRC. I’m glad for her. Yes, because she’s my BiSH oshi, but also because I always thought that it must kind of suck to be the leader of a group that has an Aina, especially when you’re not exactly a slouch yourself. She does not get the honor of writing her own material here, and that’s fine. I just want her dang face blown up on the cover.

What I am really curious about is how this all is going to sound. This preview makes me think power pop right out of the gate, and, as a person who doesn’t know anything about the song that Chitti’s doing and is way lazy this early in the morning, I’m doing math in my head around whether the longstanding run of similar balladry might have something to do with Aina’s personal preferences. Or even Chitti’s! I’m just thinking out loud. However, I’m hoping that the other track on the record is more akin to the more exciting side of BiSH; if we’re going to do knockoffs, the least they can do is give us one for something like “NO THANK YOU”, right?

Update! Sean pointed out something that I didn’t check up on, that Aina’s song is one from her pre-BiSH days:

The whole channel is Baby Aina gold