Let’s Help Bakuon Dolls Syndrome 0 Make an Album

What the heck was I even doing yesterday when I took a swing past Bakuon Dolls Syndrome’s Twitter? I mean it — I can’t remember why I was looking. But, as luck would have it, I stumbled right into the middle of some big ol’ changes. For one, now they’re Bakuon Dolls Syndrome 0; for another, they want your help with crowdfunding a self-produced record:

That’s the live version, natch

As for how they got here, I have no idea. It’s been like two years since the blow-up with management, and then Himari left for Necroma, and, a few appearances here and there aside, they’ve been almost completely off of my radar. Now here they are, with a change in name and tweaks to the aesthetics, possibly self-produced(?), and making an (mini) album? I’m for it, especially if they keep using medical/illness terminology for everything related to their fans.

Frankly, they sound great as hell here. And while they’ve always had a good look, what they’re doing now is next-level. I’d go to their lives and buy the CD when it’s available. You can help the crowdfunding effort here.