Let’s Have Ourselves a Fresh Visit with Jeanne Maria

You know, I have like 25 drafts of new idols and new stuff from old idols and stuff that isn’t even idols just sitting in my queue, but I thought this morning, hey, let’s check back on some of the stuff we first got a few months ago, maybe introduce some new people to some new stuff.

Hence, here we are. This is Jeanne Maria:

Yeah, they’re kawaiidols and yeah, this is way more STARMARIE than, say, Kodomochan, but are you going to tell me that you don’t dig on “Revolution” even a little bit? Not even live?

Anyway, if you’re interested in a deeper look, there’s this post from forever and a day ago. I keep thinking that I see something new coming from them, but that’s the trick with these more junior groups — there’s less pressure to produce new stuff because the members are basically being trained for other jobs later in their lives (like, when they’re 20). The new music is a mirage!