Lets Go For A Run With Up Up Girls (Kari) In Their New MV!

If you’re wondering why it’s always me who does these reports on Up Up Girls (Kari)  and not Maniac, it’s because they’re very much on the lighter scale of the Homicidols spectrum. As in I was actually pretty suprised when Maniac finally caved to fan demand and added them to the Homicidols roster. But also delighted, because if there’s a group on this site that I could call “sunshine personified”, it’s Up Up Girls (Kari).

You want an example? Well, in their newest music video, “FOREVER YOUNG”, they make running a marathon look way more fun than WACK could ever manage.

But hey, that’s not the only music video they released this week. After going on that jog, what feels better than relaxing with a nice bath? If you’re able to deal with curious child perverts and your bath time inexplicably turning into a disco party, anyway.

Also say hello to Up Up Girls 2, I still don’t know who their role is in the Up Up Girls family! I mean, they appear in both of the music videos, but they’re nothing more than back-up dancers (or back-up runners, I guess.) Perhaps they’ll get a nice promotion later?

But on the subject of “sunshine personified”, UUG really do look like a riot to be friends with. They could probably make waiting in line at the DMV look fun.

6 thoughts on “Lets Go For A Run With Up Up Girls (Kari) In Their New MV!

  1. So I guess next we need to start bugging Maniac about covering Ebisu Muscats.
    No other group has as much experience with the hard side of Idol.

  2. I like Ebisu Muscats as much as the next guy, as in a purely physical way, but there really is no comparison between them and UpUp Girls, other than attractiveness. No disrespect to the Muscats, but Apuga are very talented young women and put out some catchy-ass muzac!

    • Bring the comparison up with YouTube they are the ones who had Muscats as the 2nd video on the side when I watched the UpUp Girls. There are plenty of talented ladies in Muscats and I’ve got the video files to prove it.
      I’m just in it for the jokes.

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