Let’s Give Thursday Hurtsday to uijin

You guys know that I dig a little uijin. In this case, their steady forward march toward bigger and better things is a live MV from their live last Saturday:

Thanks as always to my dude Pure Idol Heart

It needs to be blogging-appropriate to insert a “nodding” emoji sometimes.

Here’s the cool thing about uijin (and groups like them): It’s really easy to present as traditional idols and then get a little loud; it’s quite another to be part of this recent adoption of unique fashion choices, unconventional choreography and mixed-up rock+ sounds. I guess you can credit Bellring Girls Heart for sort of innovating that way, or at least for being the most noticeable and long-lasting of the 2012 generation. It helps if, like uijin, you can put a cultural signifier or futurist touchpoint (neo-Tokyo!) on your work, too.

But yeah, it’s not the hardest or harshest or heaviest song in the world, but “ten-age” and this performance are right on point. Keep doing that, uijin.