Let’s Give Cosplay an Entirely New Meaning

Hi everyone! Last week you brought us the most scandalous theories and predictions in idol, and unlike last week, not a single one has come true yet! Thank goodness! But the year isn’t over yet. Who knows when another Zenkimi Hell or a Watanabe publicity stunt gone too far will occur? Lets just cross our fingers and tap some wood for the rest of the year.

You know what time it is? It’s the last Friday Fun before Halloween! Last year we had #IdolNightmare, which was a lot of fun, so this year has got to be something similar, right? Well … there was #IdolHell, I guess but we just had that… and we don’t really have any prizes ready for another #IdolNightmare, unless someone out there wants a cruddy art commission by yours truly.

Let’s just make things broad and simple this week, shall we? Halloween is a fun holiday, so let’s have fun!

For #IdolHalloween I want you to share the best of, well, idols celebrating Halloween. Costumes, spooky music videos, your own idol Halloween-themed playlists. Let’s have one big Homicidols Halloween shindig this weekend! Can you tell that I’m running out of ideas?

Ed. note: Kerrie running out of ideas is almost as preposterous as … something preposterous. Special kind of genius there.