Hey America: Let’s get Ready for CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL

We are less than one week away from CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL landing on American shores for their US debut. 

This coming Sunday, May 14, CHICKEBLO will be appearing in Torrance, California at the LALALA Matsuri with Ramen Yokocho. They are scheduled for two performances on the main stage at 12:15 and 4:00 pm. They will also be manning  a booth at the event for merch sales and, we’re hoping, cheki.

There will also be a dozen prominent ramen restaurants from LA and Las Vegas in attendance so, Ramen + Idols? I’m not sure of a better way to spend a Sunday. 

For anyone who needs an introduction to the unit:

CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL are a punk/postpunk unit with the concept, “Four timid girls form an idol group with music as their weapon!” 

They are produced by Daichi, who was also behind the legendary unit, Guso Drop. They debuted back in 2017 but released their first full album, sotto voce, last year.


Let’s Meet the Members!

Assa Kazahana of CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOLAssa Kazahana

Color: Blue

Hobbies: Film Camera, Sleeping

A place you would like to go one day: Anywhere, as long as there are no bugs.

What is music to you? Something that makes everyday life a little easier, like WiFi.

Favorite phrase: “Just like with colored pencils, the most important things disappear first.”

Mayoi Touwa of CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOLMayoi Touwa

Color: White

Hobby: Watching Anime

My most important possession: Cheki of my favorite idols.

A place you would like to go one day: I want to do a triumphant return live in my hometown.

What’s your favorite word? “Ichiban”

Ruko Tsubomi of CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOLRuko Tsubomi

Color: Purple

Hobby: Staying indoors

Qualifications/Licenses: Veterinary Nurse

Things I would like to do: I want to save my salary and build a villa.

What would you like to say? “I like the corner of a small room.”

Mikan Akari of CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOLMikan Akari

Color: Orange

Hobby: Taking pictures

Qualifications/Licenses: Junior High/High School Teacher (Arts and Crafts)

Things I would like to do: I want to ride a swan boat on the lake at the villa that Ruko will build.

What is music?  Something that makes me turn away from reality.

While we are preparing for CHIKEBLO, it appears that they have also been preparing for us: they recently released an English version of their song, “What a lonely night” on their new, official YouTube channel.

See you next weekend in Torrance! Remember: next Sunday is also Mother’s Day in the US, so bring mom with you and buy her some ramen and a CHIKEBLO cheki.

And for anyone wondering if a Guso Drop song might slip into the set list, it is at least a small possibility.