Let’s Get Down with MAJESTIC MATES

Time to pick up that New Year’s resolution again! Yes, I refer to Let’s Do More Stuff With Idols That We Haven’t Done Stuff With Yet, the largely fruitless endeavor by which I see something, dress it up, share it and have it get ignored by all but a dozen or so people because … well, we all got stuff to do, and goodness knows that I ignore my share of things. Godspeed to you, good people. Don’t let idol define you.

Anyway! Down deep from the foulest, ugliest, least-well-cleaned depths of Maniac Mansion comes a new video of a not-new unit that is nonetheless putting out new stuff

The guitars get so crunchy!

That’s MAJESTIC MATES (Twitter). Like I said, they ain’t new, but have been going for a couple of years at this point, (I believe) out of Osaka — which, of course I’m going to like them, I’m drawn to Osaka / Kansai idols like buttered toast to dirty floors.

I actually kind of got into them a while ago and, like so many other things that enter the drafts queue and never escape, I completely forgot about them. But check it:

My goodness, they’re like what I wish Osaka Shunkashuto were still like.

They just finished releasing this long-ass series of live videos; no I do not completely follow:

There doesn’t seem to be a release on the horizon, but this is happening:

I feel like throwing some weight behind this unit, for some reason; yes, the vintage Syukasyun vibe might be part of it, but I also appreciate a unit that’s willing to do a ton of work just for the sake of it. The least we can do is make them (relatively, scene-specifically) famous.