Let’s Enjoy Some xoxo EXTREME Live

I haven’t had time to put together the idol Halloween costume post that I really wanted to, not to mention the really fun idea that Daemon had, so instead I come bearing different kinds of treats — overdubbed idol live video! And who better to provide than one of the strangest, most unique, least predictable acts in the entire scene, xoxo (Kiss&Hug) EXTREME, who popped out these suckers a few days ago and keep drawing me back with them, for I have missed them:

You’ll note that we don’t use the word “prog” here to suggest that listening to Kiss & Hug is all about going on rambling post-rock journeys with opaque titles and eventually half the population of a small town on stage. No, we mean it in the very literal and old-school sense of the word! This is the world of Genesis and Jethro Tull, where you could semi-reliably calculate the purity of the acid that the band had been on when they composed a track — add a determinedly Japanese flair, and idols on top of that, and you begin to understand why this unit is so good and fun and cool.

This is usually where I point out a one-man coming up, or gods forbid a single release, but nada. Maybe they’ll do it if we ask nicely!