Let’s Discover Some (Korean) Idols: X!DEN†

If you’re active on Twitter, you might have already caught the buzz on a very new, very cool trio of metal idols from Korea. Finding out about X!DEN† feels like when you’re diving at the record store and you absolutely have to tell your friend about the new coolest thing on earth. And hey, we’re all friends here right? So let us tell you!

Promo shot for Korean metal idols XIDENT

X!DEN† were kind enough to answer a few of our questions and help us tell you about them. They’re a relatively new group both with their activity and what they’re doing as idols. While small, Korea does have an alt idol scene, but even within that Xident are truly unique. You could even say they’re avant-garde! Some hardcore idols with a hardcore debut single coming very soon, but we’ll get to that shortly.

At live shows, currently they perform covers of other idol songs, but one of their goals is to release so much music that they can have their own full set unique to them. To give you an idea of their tastes, they’ve covered BABYMETAL, Necronomidol, Candye Syrup and Jyujyu. Here’s a little teaser footage of some Candye Syrup style headbanging:


Want some more after that? Let’s get to know the members


Official color : Red
Birthday : October 29th
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio
Height : 164.1 cm (around 5’4″)
Likes : ramen, music, dessert, nature, fashion, cute girls( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), hamsters
Dislikes : (she didn’t say)
Nationality : Korean
Twitter : @XIDENT_S3ARU
Instagram : @_ramen_uoxou


Official color : White
Birthday : March 1st
Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Height : 171cm (around 5’7″)
Likes : music, cooking, puppy, cinnamoroll, all the cute stuffs
Dislikes : insects
Nationality : Korean
Twitter : @XIDENT_HUYU
Instagram : @huyu_040


Official color : Purple
Birthday : January 29th
Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Height : 162.5 cm
Likes : Music (metal, industrial, EBM) Vivienne Westwood, Black Devil cigarettes, Lolita fashion (Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty), incense.
Dislikes : Rude people, racists
Nationality : Korean
Twitter : @XIDENT_XII

As you can see, we have three strong personalities who are set to have a strong debut! The girls are also very lovely too, and will happily reply to you on Twitter.

But wait, there’s more! We had a quick interview too and discussed their goals and group themes.

Cal (Homicidols): What’s your eventual goal for the group?

S3₳RU: I have an infinite goal. I will make it till the end.
HUYU: I really enjoy being X!DEN† so much, I will do my best to keep going
Xii: I like the way it is. We are doing this for ourselves as well, so I just want to keep enjoying being Xii.

Homicidols:  Do you have a group motto or an overall theme?

X!DEN†: We wanted to make a group that has never existed in Korea, so we put metal and goth theme together. (But this can be changed anytime, and we can’t define ourselves as a single word).

Homicidols: Are there any famous venues in Korea you’d like to play?

S3₳RU: Rolling Hall, but I want to perform at the World Cup Stadium someday.
Rolling Hall!
Yes24 Live Hall.

We’re so very grateful for their time and so very excited for their upcoming release.  It’s limited to 50 copies too, so if you like being able to brag that “I’ve been supporting them from the start!”, here’s a sure-fire way to be able to prove that.


That’s the 9th of this month, 15,000 won is about $13.50USD AND they ship overseas.  So follow their Twitter! Follow their Instagram too! Reply to their posts and in a few days, we hope you’ll buy their single too.

X!DEN† are one of those groups who you can tell are going to be very special, so after their debut single comes out we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next. Expect the loud, heavy and hardcore but most importantly, expect the unexpected! Oh, and expect three songs, because that’s how many the single has.