Let’s Discover Some Idols: SIPP (Super iDOL Pops Punk)

Brand new idol unit SIPP have introduced themselves to the world with, “dawn”, a startlingly brilliant debut single and MV. If you aren’t yet quite convinced that 2021 contains promise, here’s some definitive proof:

“dawn” is, quite simply, one of the best songs released so far this year.  It is expertly crafted out of equal parts compelling emo and snarling pop punk. It is catchy and cathartic and the understated simplicity of the MV lets the song effectively speak for itself.

Chris was responsible for dropping this MV in group chat along with the innocent question, “Do we know Super iDOL Pops Punk?” Fifteen seconds in, we definitely wanted to know more. Since SIPP only emerged on SNS February 1st, there isn’t much to uncover, but here is what we know so far:

  1. They are a four-member unit without a weak voice in the group. AYAKA, REMO, KAGUYA and Ui all contribute strong vocals on this single with depth and character. 
  2. They may be from Osaka. At least, their debut one-man live will take place in Osaka on March 31st.  
  3. As of yesterday, “dawn” is available on your favorite streaming platform. 

Quite frankly, I haven’t been this irrationally excited by a debut in a very long time, but it’s not often that a group spontaneously rockets from obscurity to frontrunner for song of the year.  I will be watching their development with great interest.