Let’s Discover Some Idols: Saihate no Hairaito

When we were compiling entries for our recent article on the best works of the year so far, one of the songs that just barely missed the cut was, “Midnight Front” by Saihate no Hairaito. The logic behind the exclusion was that, as good as the tune was, at the time we were compiling the piece the group had only released the one song. We didn’t know much more about the group. Heck, technically, the unit had not even debuted yet.

That’s our defense anyway. I’m hoping it holds up in court as, after holding a debut live and dropping three more singles, we now appear to criminally negligent for not officially recognizing what we knew in our hearts to be true over a month ago: Saihate no Hairaito are one of the most compelling new units of 2023.

The key piece of evidence was released late last week in the form of their debut MV for “Midnight Front.” 

Saihate no Hairaito (最果てのハイライト, which roughly translates to “Highlights of the Farthest End”) was unveiled as a five-member unit on January 28, 2023 and held their debut live on March 14. They characterize themselves as, “electro-emo idols” with the theme, “The best memories, right here.” 

The unit also has some of the best song titles around which, in addition to “Midnight Front,” include:

Let’s Meet the Members

Rin Hikikomo

“Where the Hikikomori@Outside can meet.”

Member Color: Obsolete Gray

Twitter: @rin_saihate


Special Ability: Home security/ Singing

Appeal point: “I will not give up on being both cool and cute.
I will express in various ways how to live in the gap between black and white. Please watch me.”

Comment: “As a shadow person, I have only one mission. I will sing and dance to the death so that I can be the strong shadow that brightens Saihate no Hairaito. I will destroy the stereotypes. See you in the outside world.”

Juri Momobami

“The Dreamy Sleeping Beauty”

Member Color: Thorny-Red

Twitter: @juri_saihate

Birthday: 12/26

Special Ability: Dance “Special genre: JAZZ”

Appealing point: “I have black hair and a modest outfit, which gives me a classy image, but I like piercings and have a lot of them. Am I the #1 member for gap moe?”

Comment: “I would like to be an idol who can make everyone happy. Thank you.”



“The Live House’s Favorite Entertainer”

Member Color: Fire Purple

Twitter: @yuri_saihate

Birthday: 10/25

Special Ability: Can play the drums.

Appealing Point: “I have been working behind the scenes and performing live for seven years. I love performing live.
I like bands, rappers, and Momoko Sakura’s works.”

Comment: “→I will push forward with the goal of ‘living in a live house.’ I just want to do what I want to do, age doesn’t matter. The present is always the best. From here on out, let’s go together.”

044 (oyoyo)

“I will come to you at 0:44.”

Member Color: Dark Delilah Black

Twitter: @oyoyo_saihate

Birthday: January 14

Special Skill: “Once you meet me, you will never forget me!”

Points of Appeal: “In a way, I think I am easy to remember because of my memorable name and unique appearance! By the way, I draw the moles under my eyes with a mackie pen. I usually wear leg warmers in my outfits, so I thought they could convey my personality and asked to incorporate them in my costume!”

Comment: “I wanted to expand my activities, so I descended from my hometown in Hokkaido. I have met such unique, interesting, kind, and wonderful members, and it is my dream to perform on a big stage with all of them!”


“I will win your heart!”

Member Color: Angel Pink

Twitter: @riku_saihate

Birthday : 2/7

Special Skill : Making Sweets

Appeal Point: “Makeup! I can do everything from men’s makeup to cute makeup and special makeup! My costume is definitely a skirt with a long back length and I make it fluffy!”

Comment: “I’m nervous about joining a girl’s group, but I’ll do my best to sparkle on stage as myself! Please watch over me!”


The creative team behind the unit include Sekai (ex. Stella Sugarlette), NAOCHI of VKei band DEN-NO HIMECA, Korosuke Nakamura who has also composed for Higeki no Heroine Syndrome, and Ichiho Shirahata (aka ichihoPOPgazer, the producer of IZANAGI and ex. Gekijouban Kokiken Teikoku).

The group is managed by someru inc., an artist management and multimedia production company.  In addition to Saihate no Hairaito, they produce idol units MyφMe and BLUE BARE. They also run gender-free fashion brand and made-to-order costume design company, mi-mi, who are responsible for the unit’s outfits.

So that is Saihate no Hairaito:  dark emo dreampop, gender ambiguity, yami kawaii make-up, and lolita costumes. That’s practically all of the ingredients for a Team Homicidols summoning circle. We will definitely be keeping an eye on them as we continue our inexorable journey to the farthest end.

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  1. This was a great introduction to Saihate no Hairaito! I especially loved learning about the members and their unique qualities. My question is, how has their debut MV for “Midnight Front” been received by fans and critics so far?

    Y. E

    • I personally love “Midnight Front”. To me, it feels like LiLii Kaona meets Cinema & Boy CQ. I keep a running list of potential “Best Songs of the Year” and it is high on that list.

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