Let’s Discover Some Idols: RIPLIE

Oh man, when was the last time we posted two consecutive Let’s Discovers, especially from two different people? Weird. But this is what happens when the MVs and major announcements (that are worth posting about) and stuff are kind of rare yet. It’s a good thing, you know? New and emerging idols are kind of the lifeblood of this whole goofy scene, what with the constant disbandments and graduations and all. And when we get a debut that feels kind of pre-fab and already likely to drop like a bomb, that’s kind of interesting!

Which brings us to RIPLIE, who first bubbled to notice around these parts when SENANAN (who is producer-san here) made it known that she had this thing started up. Of course people then flocked to see what would happen and when, and the when is “in a week” and the what is pretty much what you’d expect from SENANAN driving an idol unit themed around the consequences of being an always-online blowhard!

Right? That’s fun. I watched it and thought, But how fun will the whole final project be, truly, and so far the answer seems to be “fairly”:

There’s other stuff on the channel, but I want to focus on what’s newest mostly because I think it’s neat how full-circle idol can be:

The only other vital thing you should know now is that they have little acrylic stand toy doodads like I used to have for Chewbacca when I was like four:

RIPLIE officially debuts next Saturday, and as one would hope for a group with thousands of online followers and hundreds of video subscribers already, it’s likely to be kind of a big deal.