Let’s Discover Some Idols: PUNKY RAD PINK

This is a Let’s Discover Some Idols that has been entirely too long in the making. I don’t even remember when I first found PUNKY RAD PINK, but it was a while ago, and they just sat unremarked-upon in my dang queue not quite as long as Fiore did, for instance, but long enough to be shameful. So let’s get right to it!

Hey, have you guys ever heard of PUNKY RAD PINK (Twitter)? You will note, as if it is impossible not to, that they are extremely accurately named, and as such are pretty much bound to be a good time. They’re part of the somewhat cursed class of spring 2020, the Coronaclass if you will, and so may have flown under your radar — I was on hiatus at the time, so at least I have an excuse!

They have no official MVs that I’ve found, but they do have plenty of live video on their channel. For instance:

Membership changes, man

And here’s from their first one-man a few months back:

They most recently dropped this one on their Soundcloud:

A little less punky, but still pretty fun! I think it’s great that there are still units popping up and going for straight-ahead punk rock sounds as opposed to running directly for the safer confines of pop punk or trying their hand at being Malcolm Mask McLaren (and all failing because there’s only one Malcolm Mask McLaren). I could hear enough of this on one of the compilation CDs I used to collect from labels notable and ignoble that now I kind of want to find a way to get them onto a tour with like Pennywise and the Get Up Kids or something.

Now somebody go convince this group to release an album or something.