Let’s Discover Some Idols: MISSEMILY

At last, an appropriately timed Let’s Discover! This goes back to whewas first stepping back into the game back during the real summer, and I had to spend time getting re-adjusted. Yes, I’d kept in contact and had a general sense of what all was major-league happening in idol, but a lot of things just didn’t get noticed at all. Homework was a necessity! And on one of my very first days coming back to life, I see this in my feed because like half of my follows were reacting to it:

Ho ho! And who is this and what is going on? Of course it required investigation — if all of your friends do something, you tend to at least want to test it out yourself, no matter what mom says — and what a pleasant learning experience it has been so far.

I give you MISSEMILY (Twitter) (you may recognize her!). Here’s the preview that she ran with as she was emerging, and that got my attention from “piqued” to “yes”:

Now, obviously, there are a thousand reasons to have not actually had a live debut yet, despite earlier dates being given, and the result has been that I’ve had to sit on this Let’s Discover post for a little while — I mean, there’s no actual rule preventing anybody from Discovering at any time, as long as there’s content and context, but dammit the longer this delayed the more I wanted to make MISSEMILY’s performance the point, you know? Plus, it meant having this thing called “content” to go with, and she’s been putting out content as a regular ol’ idol for literal months while waiting for a chance to do a live gig. Most notably:

And, yes, it must be noted that … MISSEMILY had her live debut!

This is often where the fawning praise comes in, and I’ll do you one completely different: This may or may not be an idol that I keep up with all that much going forward! Good things so far, but also who knows where she eventually lands. We can root for her, though!