Let’s Discover Some Idols: INforMEL

We can consider this Let’s Discover Some Idols Week, gang, as there are nearly a dozen groups on my personal Let’s Discover Some Idols queue and precious little time before we get to the open call for Best Of nominations and I will be good goddamned if I don’t make at least one of these categories extremely annoying for everybody. For today’s entry, I’m actually breaking with my original schedule to give you something that just came to my attention recently — this MV found its way into my feed from other people liking it, and I’m nothing if not a sucker for new idol groups doing offbeat name things, and so here we are:

Delicious. That thing I was saying recently about the idol rock that really could only ever be idol rock? That kind of transcends genre along the way but usually has attractive bits and pieces from any of a number of standout genres? That’s what this is like, too. It’s like hard idolgaze, and I’m here for it.

Oh, and that’s INforMEL (Twitter), who have been around for a little while at this point but haven’t been able to make the kind of splash you might expect from a unit with that kind of quality backing it, given the whole state of things in 2020. This is their very first appearance:

As luck would have it, though this one’s actually from 2019, INforMEL released it at the end of the year — that is, after we turn over the “annual” schedule for counting Best Ofs, so that’s neat — and they didn’t actually debut until February, so it all works out! And what a time to debut. Can you imagine? “We’ll build fans by appearing on as many stages as possible for the first few months and then assess, really figure out the business strategy to support ourselves”*. /pandemiced

But hey, this is idol. What’s the point if you can’t ganbare through a few things?

That’s from their first EP, released a little while back. And interesting note:

We did it! Said I, a person who did not make that purchase. But apparently more than a few of you did!

So yet another cool and promising group this year. Where do they stand in your personal hierarchy? We’ll find out soon enough!

*Every idol group has this exact conversation, I’m told