Let’s Discover Some Idols: Fiore

So the past few weeks have been just incredibly busy with Day Job and various other affairs with Fiancee and the regular business here at Maniac Mansion, so I’ve been a terrible proprietor. Don’t think I haven’t been paying some attention, though; in fact, one could argue that I was actually trying to observe idol even more than usual because a person can really only spend so much mental energy monitoring chats in Zoom rooms before needing to waste time on other things. A Twitter feed, for instance. And it was in so doing that one reference led to another and finally to a name that was kind of familiar but I simply could not place. A new idol?

Not at all! In fact, a search of drafts showed that I had originally wanted to cover Fiore here (Twitter) ALL THE WAY BACK IN 2017 thanks to a referral from our old pal Pure Idol Heart. This is how you clear out a backlog!

What are you getting with Fiore? A little bit of lots of things, actually, which is basically the standard anymore. But at the basis is perfectly cromulent idorock that, depending on the particular song, gets add-ons via punk or idolcore or even the kinds of “sure why not some rapping and/or EDM” that’s all the rage these days.

They just released this EP a few weeks ago:

Tag yourself: I’m “Hell’s claw”

I love these outfits though

Here’s a big-ass live to enjoy:

I feel kind of badly for missing the boat on this group for so long but look forward to covering Fiore much more in the future!