Let’s Discover Some Idols: Finally

The joke doesn’t land half as well as I wish it did

Yes, let us discover some idols! Or, in this case, re-discover some idols that we already knew and liked but now have a new wrapper. LET’S DISCOVER A BRAND. Or I guess the new product launched in direct competition to the original by people most intimate to it. The Oreo cookies, if you will, of idol.

You may remember a little project going back a couple of years, the not-quite-sung-enough 143, who we recently learned were going kaput. Bummer! And then suddenly one day idols associated with a new thing started to show up in my feed, people who I already followed despite not, uh, completely knowing who or what the heck or why. That does happen, this being idol and all! So I put a pin in it, as they say, and waited to see what happened. And what happened was our old pal Jul messaged to say, hey, have you seen this new idol group, they’re the 143 members who went their own way and are now self-produced. And I said, ah ha! It makes sense now!

And so, finally, Finally (Twitter):

As a bonus, here’s the making-of:

What a way to kick-start your, uh, start! Finally debuted a couple of weeks ago now and are starting to advertise what limited live gigs they’re able to hold under the present circumstances.

We’ve seen several instances of idols taking themselves and their projects away from original management, and frankly that can be a very hit-or-miss proposition, but Finally seems to be off to a great start so far. Now let’s hope that they’re able to keep resourced enough to keep producing more media that we can continue to enjoy.

And as for 143, Jul says that management is holding auditions for Gen 2, so stay tuned there I think.