Let’s Discover some Idols: DEMO

It is not often that a MV comes along that causes the alternative idol fandom to issue a collective, “What the F…?” This is a genre whose foundational keystones include iconic moments of visual shock such as BiS running naked through Aokigahara, Guso Drop being splattered in blood and other bodily fluids, and the graphic introduction of Brand new Idol SHiT. It takes a lot to get the crowd that’s been further desensitized by the  X-rated shenanigans of PLANCK STARS to do a double take, so when an upstart new unit makes this jaded audience go, “This is unhinged!”, we need to take a closer look.

The unit is questions is DEMO who just released this MV for their debut single, “Rice Music.”

Backed by an upbeat, pop-punk tune, leashed idols, drooling on ball gags are walked like a pack of dogs across Shibuya Scramble by an expressionless cult leader (the tattooed man holding the leash is Katsutoshi Nishimoto, fashion designer and creator of the fictitious cult, NISHIMOTO IS THE MOUTH). The members later eat rice from dog bowls in a neon lit room before wrapping up the MV by giving the statue of faithful akita, Hachiko, a good scrub.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Let’s start at the beginning:

Although they just dropped their debut single and MV, DEMO debuted as a unit last July with the goal of making people feel “fun and interesting.” Their agency is Office Bit who also represents Hachigatsu-Chan.  Their debut single, “Rice Music” was composed by Tadahiro Morishita who has also created music for SOMOSOMO, notall, Symdolick and many other groups.


They also just recently held their first one-man live on at Nakano heavysick ZERO. They sold out that March 10th show and added a second performance on March 11th.


Despite being less that a year old, the group has already booked their first overseas appearance. They are slated to appear at Anime Messe Babelsberg 2023 this July in Brandenburg, Germany, along with FATE GEAR.

The members of DEMO, who also assist in creating the group’s song lyrics and choreography are:

Karanashi Ranma

Karanashi is the youngest member of the group and a former member of HAJIMENI. About their debut single, she said, “‘Rice Music’ is a song that energizes me and everyone else. It’s bright, it’s serious, it’s very DEMO-like, and I love it!”


Tatta Teto 

Tatta describes herself as the member in charge of the dark loneliness that strikes late at night. She is a former member of HAJIMENI. We are also pretty sure that she was a participant in Project WACK-chin. She celebrates her birthday next Friday (March 31).


Super Airu

Super Airu is a former member of Lied and Gochast (as Airu Saotome), and a former leader of Shibuya DOMINION (as Airu Hasebe).  She says, “Through “Rice Music”, we want people to know more about DEMO and not just the songs! We always play live shows where you never know what’s going to happen, so we hope you’ll come to see us live!”

Mocha Frappuccino

Mocha describes herself as having long black hair in a princess cut and an anime voice. As far as we know, DEMO represents her idol debut. As she told Natalie, “I have been a listener, but now I am in a position to have my voice heard by someone else, which is a fresh feeling.”


Otonari Sanari

Otonari is a former member of Gekijouban Gokigen Teikoku∞ and wrote the lyrics for “Rice Music”. She told Natalie about her thoughts while writing the song:

“Food is important for life because it gives us energy, and even when we are sick or in pain, if we eat and sleep, tomorrow will come, and we can do something! I thought to myself, ‘Then why not make this song like a meal for the people who listen to it?’ That’s how ‘Rice Music’ was born!”

While none of the above information may provide a great explanation for the visual motifs of the “Rice Music” MV, it did compel us to conduct this exploration, which is probably the point.  DEMO definitely found a way to snag our attention, and we will be watching closely to see what comes next.