Let’s Discover Some Idols, But Keep Them HUSH HUSH

Screenshot from MV showing Yunipi from HUSH HUSH at a market with subtitle caption "my parents handed me the strawberry"

Yeah my mum was always insisting I eat fruit and stuff, what are parents like?!

There’s two of them.  They are Yunipi (pink) and Zousui (purple).  They’re from Aomori prefecture, right up on the northern tip of Japan’s main island.  And that, readers, is all I know.  Not much to fill an article with but – hah! – they are called HUSH HUSH after all!

But I want to shout about these girls because I love (a) their scuzzy, yet super-peppy lo-fi rock sound and (b) their boundless energy and enthusiasm.  So watch a couple of their MVs and see if you do too.

These great tunes are available…well only on YouTube at the moment but hopefully that will change if we all go and say hello. Perhaps we shouldn’t keep them HUSH HUSH any longer!

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