Let’s Discover Some Idols: 340.29m/s

So let’s talk about the speed of sound. It varies, right? Like there’s the speed of sound in air at particular temperatures and also different altitudes (because density), and it moves better in water and even better through conductive solids — a block of Velveeta, I hear, is actually a terrible medium for sound to move through. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SPEED OF SOUND MOVING THROUGH IDOLS? That is apparently 340.29m/s.

Which brings us to 340.20m/s (Twitter), who are actually coming up on their second anniversary and have been plenty busy in the chika realm in that time, for instance having released this sucker on Monday:

It’s the lead from their new EP, their third, out Sunday:

The rest of their discography is readily available through the streamers, so you’ll give it all a listen if you know what’s good for you.

I now must point out that I did not come of this group by normal referral means, but because this tweet hit my list a while back and it revealed to me for the first time that the producer-senpai from Sugartrap had another unit!

Which completely follows, actually, and if it’s a chance for me to pretend that one of my all-time favorite unsung chika units continues, then I’m completely down with it.

Anyway, 349.29m/s kicks ass and you should support them and send them your money, even cash in envelopes, if you can’t wait for the new EP to officially drop in a few more days.