Let’s Crowdfund Some Stuff

Did you know that Bitcoin, which is not actually money but nonetheless something that people have invested in, and which has skyrocketed in value faster than a Dutch tulip over the past couple of months (in particular), is currently continuing to skyrocket in value because it’s open to futures trading for the first time, and capitalism loves wild speculation even more than I do?

I bring this up not because I’m encouraging anybody to put money into cryptocurrencies (I am not!), but because you could use the money that you aren’t throwing into the void to fund some worthwhile idol-associated projects that will leave us, the fans, as the greatest beneficiaries after all.

First up! I mentioned the boans project a couple of weeks ago, and it still needs some cash:


More importantly from an idol standpoint, though: Do you remember how Azuma Shiori’s going to make a (solo) comeback and it will probably kick ass because Shiori’s an incredible singer and performer who got the same kind of raw deal that lots of talented provincial people get? Well, we can fund it:

I mean, she’s already met her goal (of course she has) and then some, but you can still say that you helped a literal homicidol legend get her career kick-started* anew, and you can see how she’s sketching out the plans for the release of her re-debut CD and MV and whatnot — easily worth the price of admission!

*That’s a pun, people

One thought on “Let’s Crowdfund Some Stuff

  1. I overestimated some things and underestimated some others, but we’ll get to that goal. Maybe I need Shiori to make a video for the subtitle campaign 😛

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