Let’s Close out the First Week of the Corenament in Style

Man, you guys are rough. You’re also giving me heartburn. You’ve shown a distinct willingness to poop all over expectations and destroy what is beloved in your quest to promote your own favorites. I LOVE IT!

The first half of the Round of 32 is in the books, and you can go look at those results, which were ridiculous if you were paying attention over the course of the day; NECRONOMIDOL saved their title hopes despite having been down by teens of votes at one point, and Babymetal roared back in the second half to annihilate Nippon Budokan. And we still got some cool upsets, so imagine what might be in store today.

This is the final determining vote for this week; we’ll regroup over the next couple of days, then be back again with the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight over Wednesday-Saturday next week. Your choices will only become more difficult, and your frustration with the human condition only more pronounced.

For instance, to everybody who questioned why so-and-so was matched with so-and-so, I could answer “that’s the process and nbd, it’s just for fun,” but the truth is that I set it up to be annoying because nothing pleases me more than watching you jamokes squirm! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

On to business.

Shinjuku Region Review

Shinjuku was actually kind of boring, as all five of the top seeds advanced, and Hanako-san beating Dots was about as surprising as Wichita State downing Dayton. PassCode and NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s agency, we-B Studios, though, toppling the Idol Still Actually Known as Yukueshirezutsurezure, that was a surprise. The fake voting had a say in that for sure, but every other nominal favorite managed to recover from that influence, so the PassCode element must have been strong.

For this round, things do get interesting. I’m a little afraid to say what I really think because I don’t want to jinx anything, but … look, what advances to the Sweet 16 out of Shinjuku is probably going to surprise us a little bit. Great!

Osaka Region Review

Osaka was almost as boring as Shinjuku, except that we got our first real bracket buster of the Corenament when FRUITPOCHETTE held on to knock off BiSH, who a lot of folks had pegged as a likely Final Four contender, if not the outright winner when all was said and done. As I noted yesterday, fans showing up made a big difference, and the BiSH contingent didn’t show up as well as FRUITPOCHETTE’s did. I love a good upset, so all the better as far as I’m concerned. And it’s not like Chitti and Aina aren’t still alive, each a terrifying matchup for anybody.

For this round in this region, though, there’s still room to do some bracket damage by FRUITPOCHETTE (Billie Idle showed just how vulnerable they can be), and the Deathrabbits Army (Desu.Rabbits Army now?) have proven in the past that they can get out in support for their own, so PassCode will need to be very, very careful. If the seed don’t hold in the bottom half of the bracket, though, I’ll be legitimately shocked.








Good luck!

11 thoughts on “Let’s Close out the First Week of the Corenament in Style

  1. Fruitpochette over BiSH? Really?

    In the last ~year, BiSH toured constantly, released 2 full albums, multiple MVs and PVs, and two live concert DVD/Blu Rays. Gotta hate that kind of stuff.

    Fruitpochette released no new music or MVs, performed sporadically and replaced half its line-up twice. AWESOME! Now THAT’s what we like!!

    • quantity is not the factor, Fruitpochette has better songs,more charisma, and just overall sound better than BiSH

      • I saw them both back in September within two days of each other. While BiSH was firing on all cylinders and put on one of the most intense shows I’ve seen in 30 years of punk and metal gigs, Fruitpochette… well, it was just Shiori at the time and I want to be generous because I loved the group’s early promise, but it didn’t really work. Out of the 14 gigs I went to over my 12 days in Tokyo it was the only one I didn’t stay to the end of.

        If Fruitpochette can reignite, and I hope they will, I will be back on board in a second. But until I see something new from them, their past looks a lot brighter than their future.

    • FP beating BiSH AND Billie Idle is joke, but the corenament is all in good fun and the results should not be taken serioysly by anyone, right? Just have fun and look forward to FP winning the whole f’n thing!

  2. Everyone else is playing for is the right to lose to Guso Drop, they are UConn and this is the Women’s Tourney.
    KJ will probably be their closest match all Tourney.
    KJ is 65 votes behind Guso but has almost 40 votes more than Passcode and their resident Screamo-Sama who are the next highest voter getters after Guso and KJ.

    Maniac literally gets 10’s of dollars in free advertising for the Corenemant, I wonder much of that the Idols, who are the real reason we all participate, ever see?

  3. Triple-digit votes? I was going to congratulate you on friday on some of the votes having 30+ responses, that’s solid engagement. But 100+? What are we even doing?

  4. Some groups dishonoured then selves early on and have only further sullied the fandom with other methods of repeat voting, let’s be frank there is 100% not 500 people voting on some of these polls. This whole thing is super niche and getting 30-50 votes seems like good partipation, over a hundred is pretty crazy and approaching 300 on a single vote is downright well…..bullshit. There I said it. Where are these 300 people coming from? Cos I damn well don’t see over 300 ACTIVE members in any of the alt idol Facebook groups combined total. But maniac can see the traffic so maybe he could shed light on just how much of a farce this externally rigged coreanment has become.

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