Let’s Celebrate Thursday Hurtsday with Party Rockets GT

Not a sentence I ever thought I’d write, but you gotta give credit where it’s due, and there aren’t a whole lot of idol projects that can do dirrrrrrty rock ‘n’ roll quite as well as Party Rockets GT:

This is a new PRGT track, from the Time of your life album; dofphoto’s review gave “Beautiful Dreamer” here props in the end. I haven’t heard the studio version myself, so I’m just going on this live, and … I like it. But I like most Party Rockets songs going back to the very beginning, so heavy guitar licks and convincingly delivered vocals are going to win me over most of the time, anyway.

Also, again, those outfits would be incredible if not for the hilariously oversized bow thing. Never underestimate idols.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Thursday Hurtsday with Party Rockets GT

  1. I was shocked to read about Party Rockets in the context of “dirty”. Don’t you dare taint them, lol
    But you have a point: Their music is a stark contrast to their attitude. But I like it.

    The bow really is a stupid accessory, but damn, the general outfit looks great. Black/white pattern really suits them.

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