Let’s Catch up with Marionet

So in addition to not being able to blog all the posts I’d like these days, it’s also embarrassingly easy to miss things that I ordinarily would never, ever want to miss. No, I’m not talking about the birth of a child (though: try me); I mean new things and fun things from favorite idol projects of mine. Good thing that I have you guys! Just like how I got saved on the NEMLESS MV, Andrew was kind enough to tug my pant leg and point out that yes, Maniac, you did in fact miss something from Marionet, what is actually wrong with you!


When we last left our heroines, they had reached that point in their record-promotion schedule where they’d teased like all of the tracks and had their first bona fide MV in hand and were waving it around and loudly encouraging folks to give them an honest chance. It was a good look and a good time! And now that a month has passed, it’s time to … well, it’s time to release a new song for the adoring masses!

Is it on the EP, or is it truly new?

I hate to use the word, but goddamn is that catchy. Punky, yes, but idorocky too and heavily laden with that sing-song quality that makes a lot of Zenkimi songs more accessible and more brain-blending at the same time. I usually look at Marionet as one of those groups that work like a kid’s 3-speed bike — a true fixie won’t help you get through all the local conditions, but “normal,” “a little bit harder” and “a little bit easier” are really all you need, so why try to get more out of it just for the sake of more? It works perfectly fine!

It does help that the default is stuff like this, obviously. Like, that’s a really great default.

This post is supposed to be about more than just the song, though, so let’s do finish catching up with Fumimi and Friends. Like, they did just release that EP, and here are photos:

I’m not trying to say too much about it, but I remember when PassCode was playing gigs of this size

I’d also like to point out how far along the group has come in terms of that live performance, which is fun and good:

That’s Marionet. Go buy their record and then go see them!