Let’s Call It a Joint Gift: Introducing the Homicidols Idol Calendar

About a week ago, Kerrie messaged me with an idea: What about a calendar? I’ll admit that I’d considered it, but figured it was too much of a lift to want to make go. What do you update with? What if you forget something? How much extra work would it be? But our intrepid Weeaboo Witch accepted the challenge of helping out at least, and I did some poking around and, well, here we go (you can also see the calendar in the navigation).

It works like this! I’ll be as attentive as possible to things as I find out about them, and so will Kerrie … and so will you! Yes: While the calendar plug-in I wanted to use didn’t come with a community submission form without paying more money than it’d have been worth, it did come with free HTML fields, and I have a few form builders handy and, yeah.

What’s it for?

There are some light directions directly on the events page (and, incidentally, on every event’s listing because PHP templates), but the idea is that we should try to include as many releases as we can, but also live shows of note (debuts, big graduations, festivals, etc.), and other media like DVDs and stuff. The why is simple — so we can keep track of things on an ongoing basis, have fewer surprises and maybe even organize little things like our BiS and PassCode fan efforts.

So the calendar is the Homicidols.com gift to you, and you can re-gift it right back by submitting events* and helping us to keep things organized. Deal?


*When you fill out the form, your event won’t show right away; we’ll have to get it from the database and add it, so don’t get mad if it doesn’t happen until a few days later. You can, however, shoot @homicidols or @weeaboowitch a note on Twitter, or comment in this thread on the forums, to let us know that you sent some info.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Call It a Joint Gift: Introducing the Homicidols Idol Calendar

  1. Oh goodie 😀

    To bad it all has to be submitted through you, I hope the slight inconvenience doesn’t kill the project.

  2. That’s a great idea! I would honestly take a calendar with literally all the show dates from alt/homicidol groups we can find, but something more light is already wonderful. I’ll try to take care of all the Maison Book Girl stuff <3

  3. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about anything on a M**day morning, but if there’s one thing that really gets my motor runnin,’ it’s collaborative open data. I just added the Homicidols calendar to my Google calendar to complement my own jotting down of various music/movie releases.

  4. I haven’t checked the forums yet, but is there a discussion around the types of stuff that can be submitted? It says only submit physical releases, but I’m sure 100% of the fans on this site might be more interested in, say, a US digital release, or a livestream, or something else we can access. Something to consider.
    I’m not gonna lobby for adding LingLing’s or Yasui Yuuhi’s birthdays, those ones can stay on my personal calendar until we start having televised parades.

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