Let’s Blow off Some Steam with Party Rockets GT

Now that April Fool’s Day is (thankfully) behind us and the Corenament is all but decided, it’s time to get back into regular idol stuff yay! There’s actually a whole mess of things that did happen or are happening, and we’ll get to some of that, but one that I want to visit with right now is Party Rockets GT, whose last album got an overall-good review from dofphoto and who were just recently performing at this @JAM event:

The live idol channel is indispensable

Okay, so Ayumi’s missing. I’m sure she’s fine.

Just like last year, when the #DailyPartyRockets thing was going on, they’re having a “Road to ONEMAN,” which is so wonderfully derivative and nondescript that I want to give it a hug:

But good luck to them, and good for them in general, because PRGT is a really good time.

One thought on “Let’s Blow off Some Steam with Party Rockets GT

  1. I can reassure you that Ayumi is alive and well 😉 She appeared later at the Idol Koushien.
    Their new song Start(?) is a mid-tempo song, but a good listen. I hope for a nice rockish B-side again.

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