Let’s Beat The Heat At The Isiliel Beach

As certain parts of the world is preparing for a heatwave this coming week, let the refreshing sight of Tsukishiro Himari having fun(?) in the ocean cool you down.

After popular demand from fans across the globe, the anticipated video for Isiliel‘s debut digital single, Seizon Senryaku finally came out today, mere days before her joint European tour with the rest of  NECRONOMIDOL, one day after portraying Persephone in the latest instalment of stage play/rock music/fight choreo hybrid MAKAI, and hours after impressing at a solo gig of which you can see a couple of fancams from below. That’s right, Miss Tsukishiro has been incredibly busy as of late.

I already said plenty about the song itself, which you can read about here. I stand by everything I said, it’s a lovely song, and the video’s not too bad itself either. The simplistic, yet peacefully gloomy views of Himari alternating between human and mermaid on a grey shore, clashes with the additional images of her struggling underwater and tied by ropes in a way that fits to both NARASAKI’s turbid instrumental directions, and Himari’s bittersweet lyrics of drowning and an excruciating urge to survive despite everything.; trust the team behind NECRONOMIDOL to give us a foreboding twist of your usual summer beach MVs.

If the music video for Seizon Senryaku hasn’t already veered you towards Tsukishiro Himari’s strength as a soloist, check out her most recent song, Koumyou Kishi, for an absolute whirlwind of a tune, and if you’re in Europe perhaps drop in at one of the stops of the Isiliel/NECRONOMIDOL joint tour this coming week and see for yourself?

Hopefully, after all this hard work she’s putting in as of late, Himari can treat herself to a well-deserved bit of relaxation after the tour. Maybe a nice trip to the beach, perhaps?