Let’s All Listen to the Trailer for the New 2& Album Together

The unyielding mess that is human existence in this the Year of Pour Lui 2020 has given us some nice things, you must admit. People liked “Tiger King,” you know? And I used the personally got a bunch of things in order, started working on some cool projects that will hopefully bear fruit soon, got some new toys. Good stuff. On the idol front, despite everything, 2020 has ably followed the every-even-numbered-year-has-lots-of-great-debuts trend, and without saying what they are I’ll say that a few records have even entered my all-time idol top 10, which is very cool. Good things are indeed afoot.

And speaking of good things and all-time favorites, let’s check in on one of the chika scene’s greats and … a new compilation album that releases imminently!

I share this with the caveat that Saki has technically not been one of those idol things in quite some time. Does that bother us? Absolutely not! Have I delivered this same spiel before? Probably! Does it matter? No! Let’s listen to the dang thing!

Now, if you’re familiar with Saki’s work to date, you’re like, oh okay yeah that’s cool, I’m glad that’s a whole album together then. If you’re unfamiliar with Saki, man, what a time to get right in there! One of our scene’s more talented multi-hyphenates has (much as we appreciate her time with Guso Drop) shined in her solo work, and was rightfully seizer of the Queen of the Scene title when she was able to cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase at a most fortuitous moment. She is in fact the reigning co-queen, as she and Necroma’s Himari, uh, tied in the 2018 final and I haven’t had time to organize or execute such a competition again since! But yeah, not so much an idol per se anymore, so I guess we never get the crown back and that’s okay, because what a personage to allow to retire it.

This thing’s out next week. Link to buy in the YouTube description! I hope she has the decency to give us a new MV too!