Let’s All Enjoy Planck Stars Together

And so for the second time in roughly a month, we kinda sorta Let’s Discover some idols that in fact are pretty well Discovered, all thanks to shoddy memory and a trust that a unit of X degree of quality would never be missed here at Homicidols Dot Com. And yet! Here we are with Planck Stars, which I take to mean the Max Planck Stars as theoretical physics and quanta are an excellent theme for idols, and who I always just kind of assumed had been writing about off and on for a good long while, only to discover (heh) in the process of blogging this post that no, I had not, though they’ve made various Weekender appearances as is usually how this works.

Nevertheless! Here we are now. They have a new song and a new MV so let’s look at them together:

Yes! That’s a lot of fun! I particularly enjoy the MV trope of putting everybody in a circle to sing to the same mic, especially because in this case it’s obvious on several occasions that the clip edited into the final was just the one that looked best and has nothing to do with what’s being sung. Amazing work. Yeah yeah, the song’s a blast actually and frankly we need a lot more punk anthems in idol, idol and punk anthems going together like lamb and tuna fish and all. This is pleasing and good.

Because this is a de facto Let’s Discover, I leave you some extra live as well: