Let the New One from Candy GO!GO! Pick You Up

I’m in a bad mood! I can’t imagine why! It’s like idol is ganging up on us.

We need a pick-me-up, and I’m not talking about just spinning a few hours’ worth of Negicco or Sakura Gakuin or atmospheric black metal or something. No, we need homi-approximate idol, and it needs to have rock flavors, preferably a passable guitar solo and … a theme! A theme that’s maybe kind of palliative, even ironically, or is at least so titled. Thus we can pretend that everything’s going to be okay!

Hey, I know, isn’t Candy GO!GO! releasing a new single? And didn’t they promise the MV today? They did!

Idorock is a cure for what ails, for sure. I feel somewhat soothed, only to realize that in addition to reducing a fairly venerable long-standing unit to a foil in this unfolding internal drama over the most idol thing of all, I am in fact deliberately obscuring how the news is in fact not fake. The cruelest fantasy! Also kind of a jerk move to Candy GO!GO!, who deserve better.

So go buy the single, because the song is nice and good and that’s also a fine MV. I’ll go to staring wistfully at the wall.