Let NELN Give You Stamina With STMN

Picture the scene: you’ve fallen asleep watching TV and when you wake up, it’s 6am and the sun is about to rise. You have drool on your face and pillow and notice the remote next to you, so you start flicking through the channels. Everything looks like TV, but is it really TV? Are you asleep or are you still dreaming? You can’t tell, so you go back to bed. That’s the new NELN music video in a nutshell.

Welcome back! This is their first release with their new lineup, featuring new member QLMI (Pronounced Kurumi)! She’s been a very welcome addition to the group since the departure of Mao and we can see why! Just look at her, she’s got a cute and sleepy vibe that fits so well with NELN’s aesthetic.


QLMI, Natsumi and Karin are just darlings in the music video too. “STMN” is a retro throwback delight for the eyes and ears, channelling all of those analogue… er, channels.

The Neon Nerd Lovely gals will be releasing a new song every month for 5 months, with “STMN” being the first. You’ve fallen in love with their melodic dream pop/shoegaze once before with their album, “dawn”, and now you’ll get to do it once again. And again and again! It’s about to be a summer filled with daydreams, that’s for sure~

But hey, if you’re dreaming of more NELN, recently they’ve been uploading a few live videos for you to tuck into. The videography is just as good as their new music video; this is the one daydream you won’t want to wake up from!