Let Babyraids JAPAN Fuel Your Week

Man, you guys, I was a little uncertain as to how good this week was going to be. I was actually looking on YouTube for any video from THE SPUNKY’s actual last live when I decided to take a look at my recs, and … serious, give this a spin:

That riff

I have one request: What does “Baki Baki” mean?

They warned us; it’s Babyraids in so many ways. Plenty of things in idol are most something; Babyraids is like the best at being themselves; if you go back to last summer’s release, you hear pretty much every little trope that’s ever appeared in idorock.

The single is out on May 10. For real, if you like your idols and you like your rock music, you should probably be listening to Babyraids.

Happy friggin’ Monday.

4 thoughts on “Let Babyraids JAPAN Fuel Your Week

  1. I know that “baka” means stupid.. is “baki” a cute version of stupid?.. the girls seem to be breaking their phones in various stupid ways.,

  2. I just been learning onomatopoeic words and bakibaki is the sound when cracking one’s knuckles or the sound of cracking branches or other things that make a cracking sound when cracking them.

    Great track by Babyraids. My apartment turned for a moment into a mosh pit 🙂

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