Ladybaby’s Stepping Up, Working with a Legend; Also Has an Easter MV

The last part of the title, I’m making the first (new) part of the post — hey look, new MV! Its subject is apparent!

And now back to the original!

The first thing of note here: The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby and Desperately in Need of a New Name is releasing another single (which we knew):

But look at that other detail in the tweet. The song itself is coming from the one and only Oomori Seiko.

That’s … that’s actually astonishing. Seiko, once referred to as “the patron saint of idols,” is like J-music’s creative polymath, a person who’s built an iconoclastic career by doing pretty much what she wants, when she wants, and having it always come out great. I always enjoyed this interview with her and Pour Lui, for instance.

Here’s one recent number; I doubt that the Ladybaby joint she’s writing will sound like it, but I’ve been surprised before:

Happy Friday, ya dorks.