Ladybaby Delivers New Video for an Old Song

Don’t take the title as flippant, friends: I was very limply trying to figure out what the heck was going on with this release because, you know, Ladybaby hasn’t announced a new record or anything, and nothing in the dang announcement suggests that it’s a digital single or anything. It took me a minute to realize, hey, this is from that single they released a little while back, the one with the Ladybeard collaboration, and they’re just now getting around to releasing video for it.

As a chronic procrastinator, I can relate. And as a person who can do math, I can see one thing from Oomori Seiko and then another and see a light bulb, you know? It makes its own kind of sense.

“Ha, it’s called ‘bite me’, I wonder if it’s pretty much all Rie, that’d be funny!” I said to myself as I hit play. I AM A PROPHET!

Oh, and she directed the video? She wrote a little commentary in the description?

I’m sure that Ladybaby fans are very happy with this. I, on the other hand, while appreciative of the effort and enthusiastically waving at Seiko-senpai in the attempt to get her to notice me, only have so much Seiko-related energy to spin into cotton candy product today, so we’re just going to have to wait.