Kick-start Your Week with Daidaidai

Daidaidai, the rather exciting new digital idolcore project from DEMON TAPES, joined DEEP GIRL as a supporting act at the We Are DEEP GIRL tour stop in Osaka last week, and this lucky duck recorded the entire thing and shared it with us because life can, in fact, be good:


I’m genuinely stoked about this group, if you hadn’t noticed. As busted up I was at the untimely demise of Psybou Kanojo back in the spring, a full-on group from the same team, debuting at what couldn’t be a better time to be entering the business, fills me with hope that frenetic, at-times-angry, drum-and-bass and other stuff idol can and will live on.

Have a stupid cool Monday, you guys.

4 thoughts on “Kick-start Your Week with Daidaidai

  1. I’m not sure if it quite lives up to Psyboy Kanojo, hard to tell from these fancam videos.
    Are there any studio versions available? I need them!

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