Kerrie Interviews Idols: Kai (Screaming Sixties)

What a wild ride. I only just recovered from Maison Book Girl last month, and now I’m back from hanging out with three other idol acts with barely any time to relax in between each one. I feel like I’ve ascended to a new plane of existence. A huge thank you to everybody who made this happen, from the Orion and show staff to Maniac and you guys, the readers (a couple of whom I even met on Monday! Sorry if I seemed awkward!) you’re the best.

Before Maniac changed plans to honor the new Oshi, this interview with Screaming Sixties’s very own Kai was the first of the week. Sadly, her partner in crime, Montero, couldn’t make it to the UK due to some last-minute visa issues, so Kai came completely alone this time around. But at the show, she promised to come back and bring Montero with her! Be warned, England.

Despite being nervous at going it alone, nobody would have been able to tell from Kai’s dominant energy and confidence once she was on stage. It was as if Montero was still performing for us, we just couldn’t see her. Like her spirit had possessed Kai to create one super-powerful being to make up for her absence. What I’m trying to say, is that Kai rocked it, and did an amazing job despite the unexpected setbacks.

And she was a sweetheart to talk to! If you follow her Twitter, you can tell from her photos, but she is a cute and fluffy (seriously; she had a fluffy hat, fluffy clothes and many, many plushie keychains) lady when out of her stage gear. And despite a couple of hiccups regarding the translation of certain questions, she always had a big smile on her face, a genuinely lovely person.

This is your first time performing in the UK. What are you most excited about for this tour?

I’m really excited to perform live here for the first time!

You collaborated with The Heana Cat on your most recent EP. What was that like?

It felt really fresh and new.

On a related note, you also put out an EP with I love you Orchestra several months ago. Do you plan on continuing to work with them?

Yes, but, like The Heana Cat, I don’t know when it’ll happen again. But I want to bring them to the UK with us.

Is there anyone you’d like Screaming Sixties to collaborate with in the future?

Hmm … no one I can think of right now.

There aren’t many other idol projects who perform as often as you do. What is your secret to being able to do so many lives in so many places across the country?

We get all of our energy from the fans who come to see us.

You have a very unique connection with your wota, who you are always forcing to do things like exercise or form human pyramids and the like. Do you plan on doing the same to the English fans?

If our English fans want to form a human pyramid for me tonight, they can! (spoiler: they didn’t)

And finally, who do you think would win in a fight; Daichi, or Hamada? What about Ricky?

(Laughs) I think Ricky would be the most powerful fighter, but Hamada is best when it comes to the power of his heart and soul!