Kawaii Will Eventually Consume Us All: Check out Panda Mic

I’m kind of taking a flyer on the name of the group based on what makes sense to me; don’t blame me for being wrong for once!

If you’re into art-pop kinds of idol, you may be aware of a group called SiAM&POPTUNe, who do some really nice music.

This is not about SiAM&POPTUNe, but what looks like a sister unit of girls young enough to make RIOT BABY feel a little senior. Yes, friends, I give you Panda Mic!


This is more recent:

Go learn more, and follow them. They’re coming up on their first anniversary! What a world we live in.

This WTF brought to you in honor of WTF Tuesday even though we’re not doing the regular weekly stuff for a while. But PANDA MIC is in the Corenament, so you may as well get acquainted.