Well, it’s upon us, people. What I was shocked to realize is the re-christened KAQRIYOTERROR’s first single (or first official single? I dunno), and first release under the new regime, is out in a week’s time, and that means one thing: An MV that almost nobody else in chikadom would even try to pull off!

It’s funny, Teamchat this morning involved speculation about whether it would be possible to again lure a Codomomental act (or two) to the Americas. Tsurezure of course did the Canada tour; Zenkimi has been rumored and hinted about regarding various arrival points, from Europe to the USA, to no avail; but who I haven’t really heard about in this capacity is Kaqriyo*. Granted, they’ve been at it for far less time than their big sisters, and with far more membership chaos to boot, but going back to the “Identity Crisis” release, I felt like I had a strong 1B at least from among the Codomo set, at least in terms of a group that I’d try to add as a second support to a second- or third-tier American touring act. They had the heavily chaotic sound, the way less kawaii approach and a name that would play great in the hardcore scene.

I’m prepared to double down on that, is what I’m saying. I still have other personal preferences from among their catalog, but this is up there with “Identity Crisis” and some of NSLE’s best moments in terms of music/MV combinations that I’d show to a friend and expect a positive reaction. Hell, the choreo alone leans more toward what you’d see out of a non-idol pop star than almost anything I’ve ever seen from idol. That and the outfits present a very in-your-face sexuality that feels put out there as much to prove a point as to titillate, again harkening back to last year’s really remarkable EP. I’ve always considered it to be one of Kaqiryo’s stranger, but more opportune, aesthetic legacies, and I get the feeling that it works for them. And would that whole combo work among non-idol people? I’d be willing to roll the dice on it for sure.

One week to go, and now we get to see what this iteration of KAQRIYOTERROR can do over a longer haul.

*This is funny because of how they were initially revealed to the world