Kaqriyo Terror Architect’s EP Is Already Feeling Like One of the Year’s Best

It’s time, it’s time! Kaqriyo Terror Architect, befoulers of decency and soon-to-be queens of the underground if there’s an ounce of justice in the world, have previously made it known that their first EP was coming, and that we should prepare. Today, we get our first taste, and I don’t know if anybody could have prepared enough for it.

Two-hour window, of course, but:

You know the drill.

Hi, the track is here even after the time limit expires!


明けの明星 化けろTOKYO 何処かしこも猿真似の闘争
ドヤの顔して踏む文脈も こちら様には通らぬ妄想
奇祭合切 包む天災 起こり得ぬ? 幽世こそ変態
痛い繊細 けどだからめんどい 見失う面白さの偏差値

君とギミック解ける? 意味と未知統べる 日々に四季触れる
意志に君×壱の危機守る 嬉々として笑う 僕こそ哀れ
意地と意地でハリボテね(Kill me…
謎に虹の賽の目(もがく あいでんてぃてぃくらいしす

へっぽこ気合い 前は原罪 己顧み頑張れ現代(あ?
待ては圏外 果てのゼンマイ
響く遠雷 雨と偏愛 乙女の心こそ勘違い
早くイかせい 下手かゲンナリ 献杯を業界こそ限界?

君のギミック沸ける? 意味と道滑る 日々は四季触れる
意志に君×君の危機枯らす 嬉々として笑う 僕らのなまえ
意地と意地でハリボテね(Kill me…
謎に虹の賽の目(さけぶ あいでんてぃてぃくらいしす

Yeah I don’t give a FxxK!! とは言え…

不安募る日々に ネガティブな自分に

君のギミック解ける? 僕のギミック溶ける。
君とギミック解ける? 意味と未知統べる 日々に四季触れる
意志に君×壱の危機守る 嬉々として笑う 僕こそ哀れ
あいでんてぃてぃくらいしす(and you?) 幻覚のぱーてぃー
あいでんてぃてぃくらいしす(and you?) 現代の亡霊かー


Look, Kakuriyo has made precisely zero missteps, sidesteps, hesitations or anything since their debut. Codomomental units start hot, because Codomomental units have great creative behind them, but also a great sense of how and where to reach and which buttons to push and how to extend the core of a project. Zenkimi and NSLE have occasionally run afoul of little blips in the formula — it’s why “Codomocore” sometimes becomes more tongue-in-cheek than just a handy stylistic reference — but so far, so very good on the Kaqriyo Terror front.

This is just the first song off of the record. If it’s a level that can be maintained for the whole tracklist, and their excellent first album-length go is a template for our expectations … friends, we’re in for a treat.