Kamen Joshi’s Latest Song Is a Theme Song for Food

The Alice Project’s Kamen Joshi, aka the Mask Girls, aka the Kamen Joshi in the same way that it’s not Ohio State but the Ohio State, don’t do the whole album thing so much, or even the whole single thing at a rate that would fit into more typical idol norms; no, Kamen Joshi, now that they’ve taken over all of the release responsibilities for the constituent elements of the group, are quite a bit too busy with daily stage shows and various endorsements to be doing such trite stuff as singles and albums and MVs (and when they go so far, they only release short versions!).

Now, it’s pretty normal for idols to do theme songs. What’s a little less normal is for idols to do theme songs for food:

I’d have missed this entirely if not for Tommy sharing it in the Facebook group, so low-key was it treated by the Alice Project’s official media. Which is kind of weird, I guess, but they don’t always make a lot of hay out of group activities that don’t leave them with anything to sell, really. And Char T Saki is usually a reliable source of Alice Project updates, but might not have been available this time.

Now. Food theme? Why not. & Crazy did a theme song about a dancing fart monster, and we loved it, so who are we to judge, really?

4 thoughts on “Kamen Joshi’s Latest Song Is a Theme Song for Food

  1. Sorry Maniac.
    Kamen Joshi work in cooperation with some company or organization like every week, and I felt this song was a normal idol song like AKB48. So I did not notify.
    I will try to inform you of all songs in the future.

    Certainly as you say, Alice Project have a different way of thinking about CDs.
    Alice Project does not issue CDs much, but they are releasing all songs on YouTube for free.

    Most live idols release CDs several times a year and aiming for Oricon Daily 5th or 10th place, but Kamen Joshi always aim for Oricon Weekly 1st place.

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  3. Thanks for the props Maniac, as “Tommy” and “Blurry Eyes” are one and the same (both me lol). 😉 I will always post the good KJ stuff on the Facebook page for the masses, and appreciate the reposts here! =)

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